The Process

This page is here to tell you about the process The Stop Smoking Man uses to help people stop smoking. The reason for this page is so you know exactly what to expect. There are no secrets and no hidden voodoo, it’s simply a psychological process to help you stop smoking.

Stage one: The Phone Call

Maybe you have already decided that you’re going to stop smoking, and maybe you’ve also decided The Stop Smoking Man is someone that can help you.

Or maybe you have decided that you want to stop soon and would like help finding out if and how The Stop Smoking Man can help you get to the point where you’re ready.

In either case, the initial phone call gets the ball rolling.

The phone call works in the form of a free telephone consultation to assess whether you are ready to stop smoking now, or if you need some help to get to that point.

Using a set of tried and tested questions, a conversation ensues that examines your current attitude and beliefs about smoking, and your feelings about stopping. There are no right or wrong answers to these questions. This is just a process for finding out where you already are with this decision.

At the end of this part of the consultation, both of us will be in a good position to make an informed decision about whether it’s time to book a session or not. If it’s not quite time to book, advice will be given on how to move forward with this. However, if we both agree that you’re ready to stop, then we proceed to book a session.

In the case of booking, some simple exercises will be set to get you ready for the session.

Stage 2: The Session

On the day of the session, you will arrive ready to stop. Many people are actually quite excited that they are never going to have to smoke again.

The session takes around 90 minutes in most cases, but you will have 3 hours booked in the diary so that if we were to hit any unforeseen issues we would have plenty of time to deal with them.

It is actually rare for a session to take longer than 2 hours, but it has happened, and I take a “belt, braces and a piece of string” approach to this work, so I always allow this extra time. Please allow the full 3 hours in your own diary.

At the end of the session, you will leave knowing with confidence that you are a non-smoker, with a changed perspective and the knowledge that you can do this! I will also give you some tools and tips to help you steer through any difficulties you might encounter, although again this is really just me being thorough because I expect you to find this relatively straightforward, or even easy!

Also, don’t forget, there is a one-year guarantee, and if you find there are any difficulties we can address them. Sometimes these things can even be dealt with over the phone, without any need for another appointment.

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